Keywords : yield components

Effects of foliar application of yeast extract on seed yield, and seed yield components of five sorghum cultivars.

W. K. A. Al-Maeini; Y. J. A. Al-Isawi

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2017, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 152-161
DOI: 10.32649/aagrs.2017.129081

A field experiment was conducted at the experimental farm, College of Agriculture, Al-jadrea, Baghdad, Iraq during spring season of 2016 to study the effects of foliar application with yeast extract on grain yield, yield components of five sorghum cultivars. The layout of the experiments was split plot design with three replicates , The five cultivars it is kafeer, bohooth 70, rabih, inkath and local, occupied the main plots while yeast extract concentrations 0, 5, 10,15 gr L-1 occupied the sub-plots. Results of this experiment are summarized as follows: number of seeds per head, seed yield increased with the increase of yeast extract concentrations and the best concentration in most of yield characters was 15gm L-1. The cultivar buhooth 70 was superior in 1000 seed weight, seed yield while the cultivar Rabih was superior in number of seeds per head.