What are Article Processing Charges in the Anbar Journal of Agricultural Science (AJAS)?

Like other Open Access publishers, AJAS charges an Article Processing Charge once an article is accepted for publication. These charges cover the costs of turning a manuscript into a finished article. AJAS is committed to making the costs of publishing as clear as possible. The charges for the journal are clearly displayed on the journal’s home page.

When a manuscript is submitted, it passes through the many different departments at AJAS:

  1. The Editorial Screening team performs initial technical and ethical checks.
  2. The Editorial team, helps the journal's Academic Editors manage the review process.
  3. The Production team, convert the manuscript to a professionally typeset article and well-structured XML.
  4. The Proofing team coordinates the proofing process through AJAS Online Proofing System.
  5.  The Editorial Quality Assurance team performs a final check to ensure that the manuscript and its review process adhere to the journal's guidelines and policies.
  6. Our marketing and communications teams, ensure your article receives the attention it deserves.
  7. The technology team builds and maintains our systems.
  8. The Article Processing Charges in the Anbar Journal of Agricultural Sciences is IQD 400,000.

Why these fees?
Due to the high costs associated with operating and maintaining our journal's website, in addition to the continuous need for updates and enhancements to maintain service quality, we have decided to impose a fee of IQD 400,000 per article published. These fees cover not just the overhead expenses, but also a comprehensive suite of professional services that ensure the elevation of submitted works to the highest standards. Among these services is meticulous language editing in either Arabic or English, including spelling and grammar corrections and writing style enhancements to reflect the required academic and scientific precision. Furthermore, we format the research to align with the journal's standard style, including the organization of texts, tables, and figures, ensuring compliance with our publishing standards. Lastly, the fees also cover the production and final output process of the article, guaranteeing its presentation at the highest levels of visual and technical quality. All these efforts aim to support researchers and academics, ensuring their work is communicated to the audience in the best possible manner and contributing to the advancement of knowledge and science

Waiver Policy
At AJAS, we understand that some institutions may have limited funding for their research activities. Thus, we have instituted a generous waiver system that may ease the payment of the manuscript handling fee when their researchers choose to publish their manuscripts in our journal. Our primary goal as stated in our mission is to accelerate the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of high-quality research articles. We are continually pursuing this goal, without putting an undue financial burden on researchers or their institutions. Hence, we have instituted the following waiver policy.

Authors from Low-Income Countries may be granted up to 100% waiver.
Authors from Lower Middle-Income Countries may be granted up to a 75% waiver.
To request a waiver, kindly send an application to Contact Us
The waiver application should contain the manuscript number and state the reason for requesting a waiver.

World Bank Country Classifications by Income Level 

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Payment of publishing fee methods:

For international authors:

The publication will be free of article processing fees.

For local authors:
Direct payment to the accountant of the Journal at College of Agriculture/ University of Anbar.
By using Online Payment.