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The effect of organic fertilize level, extract and drip discharge on the availability of nutrient and properties of Cucurbita pepo L

M. H .munajed; B. Al Khateeb Husham; K. J. Farhan

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2016, Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages 147-161

A field experiment was carried out in a clay soil in the district of Daquq, south of Kirkuk province, to study the effect of the level of organic fertilization and emitters discharge in some properties of the soil and the growth and holds pumpkin squash. The Organic fertilizers were added with four different amounts 0, 10, 15 and 20 ton per hectares, Organic Fertilization extract with two different levels 0, 20 gm per Liter, the irrigation was supplied by using drip Irrigation System. Water was supplied with two Discharge levels 3.93 and 7.86 Lh-1.Some of the chemical properties of soil such us of N, P, and K have been calculated. Number of foots and yield have been measured as a properties of the plant and the efficiency of water use have been calculated. The results showed an increase of the concentration of N, P, and K that available within the soil at 20 ton h-1 of fertilization level, which is 23.50, 108.70, and 203.7 respectively. The concentration of N, P, and K increase in the plant, which is 2.64, 0.39, 2.32% respectively. The 20 gm per liter has a significant of N, P, and K concentration in the soil with an average of 94.55, 19.80. 170.62 mg kg-1 respectively. Similarly, this concentration has an increase of N, P, and K concentration in the plant, which record 1.97, 0.41 and 2.11%. The result have showed that the best growth of the number of fruit and a total yield ,which is 8.87 fruit per plant and 25.11 ton h-1 respectively, at 20 ton h-1 fertilization level and 20 gm per liter extract concentration. In addition, at this result, combined with best water use efficiency that is 10.60 kg per meter

Chemical Physico study on two species of Euphorbia Spp Wildly grown in Anbar Province

Hiba Fouad Abdulfatah; Asma Abd Alamer Bidan; Hanan Fozy Salman

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2016, Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages 290-296

Analytical laboratory experiment carried out in order to determine some of the chemical and physical properties of the two types of species Euphorbia spp that Euphorbia peplus and Euphorbia helioscopia wildly grown in Anbar province, since some of the chemical characteristics estimated Moisture, with a maximum of 4.50% in the type E. Helioscopia, as well as the case was the largest percentage of the content of dissolved ash in the water and ash dissolved in acid, amounting to 59.43 mg g-1 and 35.06 mg g-1 sequentially in the same type as estimated sugars were highest in type E. helioscopia reached 20% while the percentage in the type E. peplus 16%, either protein has the highest content has reached 1.7% in the type E. helioscopia recorded saponins, phenolic materials a large proportion in the type E. peplus amounted to 0.03 mg and 0.97% sequentially, from the other side was the least content of materials glycosides.
The physical properties measured refractive index (RI), density and color reached in the type E. peplus 1.44 and 0.99 g ml-1 and 0.22 sequentially The type E. helioscopia were 1.33 and 0.89 g ml-1 and 0.32 sequentially, also used the technology UV rays to diagnose active membership totals have measured the highest absorption in the alcoholic extract and amounted to 502 nm in kind E. peplus and 325 nm in kind E. helioscopia.

Comparison in performance effect between local designed cultivator and mold cultivator in some performance parameters and some physical properties of soil

S. K. Al-Saryfi

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2009, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 79-99

نفذت التجربة فی تربة مزیجیة طینیة غرینیة وفق تصمیم القطاعات الکاملةالمعشاة,بنظام الالواح المنشقة – المنشقة وتضمن البحث دراسة تاثیر ألتیء حراثة ( محراث القص التحتی المصمم محلیا والمحراث المطرحی تحت مستویین من رطوبة التربة (18% و 20% ) وثلاث سرع للجرار (2.011 و 4.360 و5.430) کم/ساعة فی بعض مؤشرات الاداء وصفات التربة الفیزیائیة . اشارات النتائج الى ان زیادة السرعة العملیة للجرار من 2.011 الى 4.360 ثم الى 5.430 کم/ساعة ادى الى زیادة کل من النسبة المئویة للانزلاق ، الانتاجیة العملیة للجرار ، الکثافة الظاهریة للتربة ، مقاومة التربة للاختراق ، حجم التربة المثار ، بینما انخفضت بزیادة السرعة العملیة للجرار کل من استهلاک الوقود , معامل استغلال الزمن, المسامیة الکلیة للتربة. اما انخفاض رطوبة التربة من 20% الى18% ادى الى زیادة کل من النسبة المئویة للانزلاق ، استهلاک الوقود ، الکثافة الظاهریة للتربة ، مقاومة التربة للاختراق .بینما انخفضت کل من الانتاجیة العملیة للجرار , معامل استغلال الزمن . وتشیر النتائج الى تفوق الة الحراثة بمحراث القص التحتی المصمم محلیا على الة الحراثة با لمحراث المطرحی بکافة الصفات المدروسة .

Preparation of some Benzimidazole derivatives and study of their spectrometric properties and biological activity

M. A. Kazem

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2009, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 339-345

This research discussed the preparation of some derivatives of Benzimidazole which included Schiff base compounds (a-e). They were prepared by direct condensation between Benzimidazole and aliphatic or aromatic aldehydes. The prepared compounds were identified by Infrared spectra (I.R.), micro analysis of elements (C.H.N.), Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum (N.M.R.) and (MS) spectrum.
Antibacterial activity of the prepared compounds was measured on three genus of pathogenic bacteria. The comparative study of biological activity was done using diffusion , and antibacterial activity was noticed in some of these compounds.

Effect of humic acid and foliar fertilizer on the yield and other vegetative properties of okra

A. L. AL-Kasiy

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2009, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 236-242

This experiment was carried out in one of Ramadi fields, AL-Anbar province in the spring season of 2007. The aim was to study of effect of liquid humic acid and foliar fertilizer on the yield and other vegetative properties of okra.
Results showed that spraying treatment with humic acid for twice significantly increased plant height, leaf width and yield by (183.5cm, 25.6cm and 1474 kg/d, respectively), while the number of leaves, leaf width and yield decreasing significantly by (24.6 leaf/plant, 22.6cm and 1298 kg/d in control, respectively).
The foliar spray for twice led to increase plant height, number of leaves, leaf width and yield, significantly, which were (176.8cm, 31.1 leaf/plant, 26.6cm and 1467 kg/d, respectively), while they were significantly decreased for all the above properties in control (146.1cm, 25 leaf/plant, 21.9cm and 1281 kg/d, respectively).


T. S. Saleem; H. F. Al-Azawi; A. A. Al-Dabbegh

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2008, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 13-19

A field experiment was conducted for two seasions respectively according to complete randomized design (CRD). At Al-Wehda research station, 30 km south of Baghdad in the alluvial calcareous soil classified as Vertic torrifluvent to study the effect of phosphogypsum addition with five levels ranged between 50-1050 kg/ donum in addition to control treatment on some physical parameters of soil which closely related to soil structure were mean weight diameter, modulus of repture and saturated hydraulic conductivity in addition to some Barley yield parameters which was number of seeds in spike, weight of one hundred seed, amount of seeds in one meter square area, percentage of protein in hay and in seed respectively.
Results of this study showed significant difference in all studied soil and crop parameters only the modulus of repture at first season and percentage of protein in the seeds, but take increased these parameters at second season in comparison with first season.
Results of this study advocates preliminary use of phosphogypsum as soil amendment However, more studies on other parameters and high causiousness of pollution of soil – water –plant system are needed.