Keywords : pinolene

Effect of spraying with pinolene and potassium on seed yield and its quality of two sesame varieties (Sesamum indicum L.)

B. H. A. Al-Solagh

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2007, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 66-82

Field trial was carried out in sandy – clay soil in Abu-Sdera region – Alsaqlawiyaa district – falluja – Al-Anbar Province, during the Summer season of 2002. To investigate the effect of application the anti – vapor (Vapor gard) at 0 , 0.25 and 50% wax and potassium at 0 , 0.10 and 0.20 % K from K2So4 fertilizer on yield, yield components and seed quality and another characters of two sesame cultivars (Local and Ishtar). A split-split plots in randomized complete block design was used with three replication. Results revealed that:
The local variety was significantly superior (P > 0.05) in No. of capsule per plant (133.28 capsule) and seeds oil content (51.27%) compared with Ishtar variety (73.75 capsule, 49.60%) while the Ishtar had higher number of seeds per capsule. The variety did not effect significantly on the other traits.
The nutrition with high conc. of potassium (0.20% K) increased Percent of moisture in the capsules, number of seeds/capsule and weight of 1000 seeds, while nutrition with 0.10% K gave ahigh percent of oil and total yield of seeds and oil (1941.25 , 996.29) kg. ha-1 respectively, compared with the untreated.
Spraying 0.50% of Vapor Gard significantly decreased percent of shattered capsules at harvest to only 3.9% and increased their moisture content in Capsules, number of capsules per plant, weight of 1000 seeds and seeds and oil yields (2071.79 , 1034.42) kg. ha-1 respectively compared to the untreated. However spraying pinolene caused areduction in seeds oil content.
It can be concluded from this study that the local cultivar was superior to Ishtar cultivar in lower shattered capsules and high seed yield and its interaction with the anti – Vapor and potassium nutrients resulted in better yield and higher oil content compared to Ishtar cultivar.