Keywords : style

Studying about the reality of a grain production in AL-Anbar province by following the modern style for increasing a productivity

Y. K. Hamza

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2009, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 219-235

The reality of strategy crops planting (Wheat, barely and corn) was studied in constituencies and districts of AL-Anbar since 2004-2007. study started with theory to the effect reduction in the production in each area unit of land because the some of problems are related wit nature land and other part of problem related with weather and technical elements. The study depend on description and analysis course by the researches, documents and formal reports with preceded study in gathering information including its studying, comparison result concludes. The nature constituents of agriculture and the reality of seeds production in province were studies by the modern styles in the agriculture that help to support production increasing.
The driving of the studying as following:
1. practicability of expansion and increasing of implanted area by reclamation the saline, desert and gypsum lands.
2. Following modern styles in agriculture with depending on integral fagot system. And good types. Manuring a land and agriculture cycle with serving land.
3. Supplying the water and the rationalists using it and deending modern mouthed irrigation all these are led to increasing production.