Keywords : Cultivar

Effect of Some Nutrients on yield of Fig Aswad Diala Cultivar

F. F. Jomaa; A. Najee; M. J. Nori

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2008, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 185-197

This study was conducted on Fig trees cultivar Aswad Diala, to investigate the influences of Nitrogen, sprying potassium Fe and Zn on the yield and its compounents. Urea was added to the soil after one month from bud burst at 3 levels (0, 500, 1000 g/ tree) while potassium was sprayed at (0, 1000 mg/ L) concentration with and without Fe and Zn at a concentration of 200 mg/ L for each of them as a sulphate after one week from the addition of Nitrogen.
The experiment results can be sumarized as follows:
1. The single treatments with N, K and (Fe + Zn) increased the fruit size significantly and the effect was increased when the interaction between these of elements, the increment was 20.42% and 13.77% for both seasons respectively.
2. The average number of fruits/ branch was increased in the single treatments at a ratios of (11.80% to 15.06) while the increament was 50.52% at the interaction between the three elements.
3. The percentage of fruit drop was reduced significantly by the application of all nutrient elements and specially the interaction between them when the percentage of dropping was (6.19% and 5.11%) an compared with (13.22 and 10.56%) at the control treatment.
4. The yield was significantly increased by the using of each element alone and the ratios were 5.5% to 9.27% while the interaction between the three element was at a percentage of (32.22% and 28.79%) for both seasons.
5. There are a differences between the nutrient elements in their effects on T.S.S , Nitrogen decreased it when its concentrations increased while TSS was increased when potassium used and no significant effect when Fe and Zn were used.