Keywords : size

Estimate the cost Long-run function and economies of the optimal size in wheat farms under sprinkler irrigation system Be pivotal role in the desert land – Anbar province-AL- Kahem constituency for the productive season 2009 /2010

Dahid falih hassan All Hamdani

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2012, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 24-35

The need to guide investors in the cultivation of wheat under sprinkler irrigation central role in the desert land in the province of Anber ,and determine the optimal size of the farm and the cost per unit produced under sprinkler irrigation in the adoption of ideal size , so it was the goal of the study estimate the cost long-run function economical analysis of the function. It was found that the volume of production optimization were (170950) k.g is achieved when the area bit the farm (239.8) donm and an average cost of production per kg about ( 115 ) dinars, and show that the production volume majesty for-profit (232010.850 ) k.g is achieved when the area of the farm (324.8) donms and miximution cost per kilogram to (164) dinars, and the average optimal productivity per donm (713) k.g / sq.m and also found that the farms that operate within the area of economic efficiency was ( 34) farm and constitution (85%) of the number of farms in the sample.

Comb size as an indicator of reproductive traits in acclimatize white Leghorn cockerels: Improvement in reproductive traits breeding values associated with selecting according to comb size

Ahmed A. Abbas

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2009, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 297-306

This study was conducted at the Poultry Farm / Animal Resources Department, College of Agriculture, Baghdad University, and over the period from 15/10/2004 until 30/9/2005, used 24 sires ,144 dam and 217 progeny . The aim of this study was to obtain genetic improvement of certain reproductive traits (semen volume, packet cell volume, sperms movement scales, fertility, hatchability, alkaline phosphatase, total protein and body weight) for white Leghorn by indirect selection according to comb size using traits breeding values that obtained by animal model program . Results obtained showed there were wide variance in traits means ( expressived as standard deviation) that referred to take advantage of this traits in reproductive indirect selection programs especially movement scales , fertility and hatchability. Results referred also that there were genetic improvement in some of reproductive traits [expressed as significant (p< 0.05) raise breeding values means]. There were significant genetic improvement (p< 0.05) take place in most of studied traits in progeny stock because of elite sires selected dependence comb size, that emboldening to use comb size as an indicator in selection programs . Depressions in standard deviation of breeding values were occurred when indirect selection processes, that to be necessary of using large stock . The results supported used comb size for cock’s reproductive traits improvement in progeny flocks.