Keywords : sodium

Study Wells water quality and its suitability for Agricultural use in Al-Anbar Governorate

Yass K. AL Hadeth; Raghad B. ALAsafee

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2016, Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages 99-108

The study of selected well's water, quality and suitability for agricultural purposes in Al-Anbar governorate, has been conducted in Soil Science and Water Resources Department - College of Agriculture Al-Anbar University. After physical, chemical and biological analysis, the results shows according to pH value that the entire well's water studied were suitable for irrigation. 9% of total studied water were slight salinity (C1) 14% within class (C2) were suitable for moderately tolerance crops 29% within class (C3) were suitable for highly tolerance crops while 48% within class (C4) were suitable for very highly tolerance crops to salinity. All well's water classified as slightly sodium (S1) suitable for most crops and Remained Sodium Carbonate RSC were negative for all wells. Accordingly, all wells water studied was suitable for irrigation.