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Effect of Budding Date and Benzyl Adenine on Budding Success Ratio of Clementine Mandarin

F. F. Jomaa; M. A. Salman; M. Ismaeel

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2008, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 176-184

This study was conducted at the department of Horticulture College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad for the period 1/ 9/ 2002 to 15/ 1/ 2004. To study the effect of budding date and Benzyl adenine on bud take on Clemntine mandarin, using one year old sour orange seedling as a rootstock. Buds were dipped in Benzyl adenine and then kept in 4ºC and 20ºC for 24 hr. Budding carried out at autumn and spring season.

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The experimental results shows that autumn budding significantly was superior then the spring budding in most characters specially the percentage of budding success, length of shoots, number of leaves/ plant, leaf area/ plant with 9%, 15.7%, 13.3%, 27.6% respectively .The treatments increased the percentage of budding and other vegetative characters as compared with the control, specially the treatment with 250 mg/ l Benzyl adenine and when the buds were kept in 4ºC for 24 hr, In which the highest percentage of budding success (82.21%) was recorded. The interaction between date of budding and the treatments significantly influenced the percentage of budding success and improving the vegetative characters.