Keywords : Spring

Economic evaluation for Alfalfa Farms under spring irrigation system

M. A. Khalaf; A. A. Aljabar

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2008, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 316-323

Hence this study directed to evaluate Alfalfa farm irrigated by Springer irrigation system, which located in western desert, north Eufraties river away from its stream about 6 k.m. Technical and economical criteria have been got via on going work of this farm ,it point out that this farm has sound contribution to preserve water comparing with same area planted with same crop irrigated in traditional water flow irrigation system, it is fund that annually consumption water for sprinkler system about 5000 m3/ Donam less than the other way which consumpt about 8690 m3/ Donam. The production of each m3 for the farmer is about 2.1 k.g. of dried Alfalfa to the price of 320 I.D. More that its counter part of wheat, which is 6 k.g. per m3 its price about 240 I. D.
Economically the economic criteria point out the positive ness of this farm performance, when the addative value reaches to total of 399 Million I.D. annually and the pure addative value of about 355 Million I.D., it is found that the invester can regain his capital in about 4.6 year and he obtained aprofit of about 204.8 Million I.D. and the invested Dinar achieved about 25% profit in average.