Keywords : Thirthar

Economic Sufficiency of Production Resources Used in poultry Farms / Thirthar project in Anbar

Hameed Rasheed al-Dulaimi

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2006, Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages 325-333

The present study aims at exploring the economic sufficiency of production resources used in fattening chickens in (poultry) in Al-Tharthar project for chicken rearing in Anbar for the year 2002 depending on field data from files of the project which are fine in number.
The number of producing halls is (13) during the time of this study distributed as follows; (4) halls in the first farm, (3) in the second and third halls, (2) in the fourth and (1) in the f.ifth
Data have been processed in accordance with the questionnaire form which has taken the form of time sequence of the variables. Simple coefficients have been obtained from independent variables with no link in making economic standards to identify the relative between the amount of meat production by ton as a dependent variable and the group of independent variable that affect it. As a result production functions have been estimated in their linear natures for different samples. These functions have been divided into two groups; functions where coefficients indicators coincide with the economic theory. The second was removed since the coefficients do not coincide with the economic theory.
Preference has been made among functions in the first group to examine the best to derive the technological features of independent variables that affect poultry production by using many statistical criteria such as T-test and F-test and rate specified coefficients.
Results depending on statistical analysis and studying different outcomes of production functions have that production function no.1 is the best as it includes (3) independent variables representing the number of the chickens group, death percentage and initial feeding material by ton as well as the value of “F” and the value of its specification coefficients, as is shown in table no. (3).