Keywords : Euphorbia spp

Chemical Physico study on two species of Euphorbia Spp Wildly grown in Anbar Province

Hiba Fouad Abdulfatah; Asma Abd Alamer Bidan; Hanan Fozy Salman

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2016, Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages 290-296

Analytical laboratory experiment carried out in order to determine some of the chemical and physical properties of the two types of species Euphorbia spp that Euphorbia peplus and Euphorbia helioscopia wildly grown in Anbar province, since some of the chemical characteristics estimated Moisture, with a maximum of 4.50% in the type E. Helioscopia, as well as the case was the largest percentage of the content of dissolved ash in the water and ash dissolved in acid, amounting to 59.43 mg g-1 and 35.06 mg g-1 sequentially in the same type as estimated sugars were highest in type E. helioscopia reached 20% while the percentage in the type E. peplus 16%, either protein has the highest content has reached 1.7% in the type E. helioscopia recorded saponins, phenolic materials a large proportion in the type E. peplus amounted to 0.03 mg and 0.97% sequentially, from the other side was the least content of materials glycosides.
The physical properties measured refractive index (RI), density and color reached in the type E. peplus 1.44 and 0.99 g ml-1 and 0.22 sequentially The type E. helioscopia were 1.33 and 0.89 g ml-1 and 0.32 sequentially, also used the technology UV rays to diagnose active membership totals have measured the highest absorption in the alcoholic extract and amounted to 502 nm in kind E. peplus and 325 nm in kind E. helioscopia.