Keywords : Students

Attitudes of Agricultural College Students-University of Al-anbar Toward Farming And Factors Associated With Them

I. H. Al-Saad; A. A. Al-Hadithy; A. I. Al-Awsi

ANBAR JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2012, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 1-7

The success of development process requires the integration of its components of human and material support, and in regard to the importance of attitudes as the engine of human behavior, the present study was put to identify students attitude toward farming and its relation with some independent students variables.
Random sample of about 52.2% out of 157 students in the fourth stage in college of agriculture has been selected as being the closest to choose their future jobs.
Likert type scale has been used to measure students attitudes through 14 variant statements given five graded standards to measure the range of student's agreement for each statement to define his attitude towards farming.
The study concluded that students attitude toward farming was mostly between the high and the very high categories, and the study showed as well that there is variation in the level of averages of attitudes according to Age , Study dep. , High school graduation average and the Number of family members , but these differences were not significant at the time the study indicate the existence of a significant correlation between attitude and the Gender of student and the amount and source of family monthly income and the interest of the student follow-up of television programs and publications . The research contained number of recommendation that can be placed before the planners of agricultural policy of the country to take advantage of them and to make use of the educated and professional staff in order for the development and evolution of the agriculture section .